Volunteer FAQ




Why We Need You

During difficult economic times such as we have had over the past several years, there is an increased number of people in need in our community. Non- profit organizations serving these needs are necessary more than ever. Organizations such as ours cannot operate without the generous support of our volunteers – their time, food, energy and yes, we will need monetary support to keep it moving in the right direction.

We need you, not only for the time and energy you can give but for your ability to spread the good news about what is being done at Grand Central Station.

Our Grand Central Station will not attempt to determine who “Needs” and does not “Need” to be served. We hope that all those who come can be served, listened to and assisted in finding help for their concerns. They deserve the best that we can give them.

Not only do we need you but hope that you will be blessed by your experience.

COME AND JOIN US!   Contact us at:  diningcar.volunteer@gmail.com



There are many volunteer opportunities at GCS.

Prepare and serve food at the kitchen.

This is a 9 AM – 1 PM work session. We have a Food Manager each day that directs the food preparation. Also a Kitchen Supervisor is there each day to direct the running of The Dining Car.

In addition there are 3 or 4 Food Handlers who assist with preparation of the food and 1 non-Food Handler.

This requires that you get a Food Handler’s License and watch the training video viewed at http://vimeo.com/album1513062. Once the license is received, contact Dorothy McKee and a day can be chosen to work. The license is an online program that is executed through the Grayson County Health Department.

A majority of our volunteers, both individuals and teams, choose the same day each month to work. The calendar is prepared a month ahead of time and spaces not filled by those coming regularly are filled by additional volunteers who are given the opportunity to chose the vacant days.

Greeter at front door – non-food handler

This person stays in the area of the front door and welcomes guests and assists with other responsibilities explained at orientation.

This does not require a food handler’s license. The person greets the visitors, assists with clothes distribution, answers questions or seeks assistance with this, records donations, keeps track of those using shower and distribute soap and towel.

Work Groups – Can be youth or adults from Scout troops to Youth groups. We have had groups from Texoma Christian School, Montessori School , St. Mary’s Little Flowers group, as well as many church youth and adult groups from across the County.

These groups are scheduled usually on Saturday afternoons. Arrangements to bring a work group are also made through Dorothy McKee at email above.

Work could include the following: making toiletry bags using supplies available, cleaning the upholstered chairs, deep cleaning of various areas of dining room and kitchen, sorting and organizing donations, and any tasks needed at Grand Central Station.

Saturday Assistance

This involves one Food Handler one non-food handler, and a Kitchen Supervisor. This is a fun activity for a family. Hours are 9-12 noon. Sandwiches are made and bagged. Brown bag lunches are then filled by non-food handlers and contain: chips, cookies, fruit, Sunny D bottle and sandwich. These can be picked up by visitors between 10 AM and 12. Kitchen closes at 12 noon.

There are multiple other potential volunteer jobs. We could use someone to be in charge of scheduling. We need someone interested in assisting with Fund Raising projects such as preparation and sale of our annual calendar.

We need someone to keep our pantry organized and arranged by expiration dates.

We need someone to prepare our monthly menu.

We have a Volunteer Computer person that keeps track of all of our statistics.

We have a Volunteer who does inventory and grocery shopping. This person also assists with extra Saturday workdays and sends the list of donations to the volunteer who writes our thank-you notes.

We have a volunteer who picks up our donated fresh produce from Family Farms. He also delivers our compost material to them.

We have a list of volunteers who do pick up and delivery of donated items.

We currently have a person maintaining our Website as well as our Power Point presentation that is taken to clubs and organizations looking for a speaker. We could use assistance in speaking at these group meetings also.

Any of these people would like assistance with their jobs if you are interested.

As you can see there are lots of opportunities to help at Grand Central Station. We are all volunteers with the exception of our two custodial workers who were hired and are paid by Experience Works.

As a volunteer, what will we be doing?

1. Preparing lunch
2. Setting up drink station, serving and cleanup station
3. Open door and welcome guests
4. Sign in volunteers and guests, serve breakfast foods until prepare and serve lunch.
5. Hopefully soon we will be able to offer showers, laundry assistance.
6. Guests may want to talk or may want to be left alone, hopefully soon we will be able to have the resources to help with some of their needs.
7. We will have a list of resources in Sherman, until then they can call 211. We need to set up a phone for their use.
8. Eventually we will have computers set up and TV installed.


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