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I would like to personally thank each and every person who has helped with Grand Central in all the different areas we serve.  There is so much to be thankful for this time of year and I am especially thankful for our volunteers.  We have the best volunteers and support here in Grayson County. Whether you are a volunteer in the kitchen cooking and serving meals, shopping with our clients in the market, picking up donations, packing bags for Children's Express and Saturday meals.  The list of things that need to happen to make Grand Central a success is so long and there is no way we could ever manage if it wasn't for you volunteering your time.  

Thank you and Many Blessings this holiday season!

Wendy Vellotti

Executive Director

Dining Car

The dining car has been hopping this year.  We are on average serving 60 for breakfast and 130-150 for lunch.

We have Bingo twice a month and popcorn on Fridays.  In our dining area we have 4 washers and dryers that our neighbors can wash and dry their laundry. We provide the soap that is needed. 

We also offer showers, computers and a phone. We provide any toiletry that is needed along with a fresh towel and washcloth.

This holiday season we have been watching lots of Christmas movies!!  

​​​​​​​Market Depot

The Market hit a new record the other day with 51 people coming to shop!  On average they see 30-35 families on their days.  Thanks to many donations from local organizations such as the probation office of Grayson County, Austin College, TCS, Belden St Montessori and many others we are able to keep our pantry shelves full.

​​​​​​​Children's Express

Children's Express services 7 of the 9 elementary schools for Sherman ISD.  They have local community members and groups come in on Tuesday evening and create bags of food made up of children friendly foods.  On Thursdays we have volunteers pick up these bags and take them to these schools where they are distributed to the students.  We are currently making 2250 bags a month. 


​​​​​​​Grand Central Dream Team

This group of ladies are the backbone of Grand Central.  Regina comes in bright and early to start the coffee and breakfast and get everything ready for our volunteers to come in and cook the meals.  Sabrena stays late and makes sure our pantry stays stocked so that our clients are able to shop for foods that are needed for their homes.  She also works with North Texas Food Bank to make sure our pick ups run smoothly.  Sara is hard at working getting volunteers for our Children's Express and jumping in to cook with the dining crew when we are short staffed.  Wendy is all over the place making connections with community members and businesses.  She also jumps in to help wherever she is needed.  They all work so well together and looking for ways to make Grand Central a great place to volunteer and a great place for our neighbors to visit.

This  past Spring we were so excited to hear we were chosen for non profit of the year  by the City of Sherman Chamber of Commerce.  This award was based off of nominations from local community members.  


King's Trail Motorcycle Ministry

          Second Saturday


​​​​​​​Last year King's Trail Motorcycle Ministry came to us wanting to find a way they could be a part of GCS.  It started out with a blanket drive and toiletry drive.  It has now turned into them coming the second Saturday of  each month to cook a hot breakfast or a hot lunch.  They pray with our neighbors and just create connections.  We are so blessed to have them.


Jumbo Stockings

Thank you to everyone that participated in making our Jumbo Stockings a success!!  If you missed this opportunity we will be doing it again next year!!  This is just another way our community rallies together to help support our mission.


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